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aka City of Violence (1951)

aka Camorra

aka Shatten über Neapel

aka Love and Blood

aka Tierra de Violencia

(Drama, 1 hr 26 min, Black & White)

A.B. La Querica - ITALY


Marino Girolami & Hans Wolff


Maria Montez (As: Dolores), Massimo Serato (As: Beppe), Alan Curtis, Folco Lulli, Mirella Uberti, Clelia Matania, Hans Schnker, S. Reuer


It is a drama about the Mafia in Naples where Dolores (Montez) is the owner and the singer of a tavern and has an affair with Beppe (Serato).

Being madly jealous, Dolores stabs his lover in the day before of his wedding with another woman. This happens in the middle of a battle between the police and the Mafia.

While some critics said Montez did a good job and that she was very effective, others expressed it was a ridiculous movie in which that city of Italy is on fashion in a bad way, the only emotion emerges in watching the beautiful Maria Montez.

Dubbed in English
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