aka El Vuelo de Bombay

(Suspense, Black & White, 1 hr)

Universal - U.S.A.


John Rawlins


Warren Ashe, John Bagni, Turhan Bey, Wade Boteler, Truman Bradley, Lloyd Corrigan, Harold Daniels, Paul Dubov, William Gargan, Mary Gordon, Irene Hervey, Riley Hill, Keith Hitchcock, Charles Lang, Jack Lee, Connie Leon, Peter Lynn, Maria Montez (As: Sonya Dietrich Landers)


Journalist Gargan flies aboard the title aircraft over his bride's objections and becomes entangled with spies stealing $4,000,000 worth of industrial diamonds bound from India to wartime England. When Bradley and his co-conspirators take over the plane, Gargan overwhelms the villains and is forgiven by his perturbed bride.

Maria plays the role of a spy named Sonya Dietrich Landers, this movie gives her the opportunity of wearing clothes of 40's which made her look really good, as always.

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