"Thy people shall be my people..."

Maria Montez

A Dominican Star


A Good-Will Ambassador

If you go someday to Barahona, maybe you will find this sign:

"En este solar nacio la eximia Maria Montez."

(In this area was born the very distinguished Maria Montez).

But why "the very distinguished"?

Because she was an actress known as the Queen of Technicolor?

Perhaps, but we are sure it was also for her work as a Good-Will Ambassador (1943 - 1944). We do not have much information about her work at that time, but we do have theses images.

Maria Montez, with a national typical dress designed by her in 1944, in front of the flags of the Latin American countries. At those moments Maria was promoted like Good Will Ambassador of the Latin American countries before the United States within the good neighbor politics.

With the First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt at the birthday party of her husband, the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt. (Statlor Hotel-Washington, D. C.-1944)

The First Lady of the United States with the First Lady of the Technicolor, while they were in a reception of the White House in 1944.

Montez receives a medal from Flor de Oro Trujillo, daughter of the Dominican President and First Secretary of the Dominican Embassy in Washington. The event took place in the Hotel Ambassador of Los Angeles (24/October/1943).

Visiting soldiers.

With the Consul of Cuba in Los Angeles, Oscar Presmanes, also appear the Cuban journalists Jorge Marti (El Mundo) and Miguel de Marcos (Diario de la Marina).

Accompanied by journalist Moreno Gonzalez, and wearing one of the dresses that she wore in the movie "Cobra Woman".


These images were taken from the book MARIA MONTEZ: Su Vida by Margarita Vincens de Morales


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