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aka Hans the Sailor

aka Wicked City

aka Hans El Marino

aka Brumas de Sangre

(Drama, 1 hr 35 min, Black & White)

Discima - FRANCE


François Villiers


Maria Montez (As: Dolores), Jean-Pierre Aumont (As: Eric alias Hans), Lilli Palmer (As: Tania)


Based on the novel by Edouard Peysson. This movie was the first one of Maria's European films.

J. P. Aumont, Villers Gravenne and Michael Arnaud adapted the novel to the script and Aumont was also Maria's co-star in her first French movie.

François Villiers, Aumont's brother, was the director.

The French Hans le Marin secured an American distributor on the strength of its three stars. Jean-Pierre Aumont plays the title character, a Canadian sailor docked in Marseilles. Here he carries on a torrid romance with cabaret owner Dolores (Maria Montez). When he is robbed and left for dead, Hans awakens to discover that Dolores has disappeared. Ever hopeful that she will return, he takes a job as a nightclub bouncer, and dallies with gypsy girl Tania (Lilli Palmer). This little diversion results in even more trouble for the helpless Hans, who ends up on the lam from the law. Marcel Dalio pops up from time to time, expossing French philosophy as only he can.

The critics considered Montez look more charming than ever, but her scenes were few and very separated between them.

The Carreyour's critic expressed: *Maria Montez seemed as if she was fighting to get rid of the roles of pin-up girl, which she has been known until now.*

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