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Maria Montez
( June 6th, 1912 - September 7th, 1951 )
A Dominican Star


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Welcome to our first page in the Internet, it is a simple one, but it has a lot of information and pictures of
Maria Montez, The Queen of Technicolor.

"Maria Montez... was a delight for the eye... the acting was lousy but if something genuine got on film why carp about acting... I'd RATHER HAVE atrocious acting." (Jack Smith)

The GUAROCUYA Cultural Society and the Guarocuya Cultural Society Museum work intensely with a team of collaborators including Vivian Perez, Emilia Gracia Lazin, Consuelo Gracia and the renowned American photographer Tom Zimmerman; in a joint effort to revalue the memory of this legendary Dominican actress, and that in line with the publications already made by Margarita Vicens de Morales, contribute to the well-deserved knowledge, preservation and appreciation of her work, permanently exhibited in a museum, which will be our starting point for careful studies of her life and cinematographic work. (June/06/2022)

The Queen of Technicolor: Maria Montez in Hollywood (Screen Classics) Hardcover
New book about Maria Montez, written by Tom Zimmerman. It will be available by July 26, 2022

Maria Montez - Mysteries & Scandals
Video of the show aired in 1998 by E! Entertainment Television

Maria Montez - Misterios & Escandalos
Spanish translation of the show aired in 1998 by E! Entertainment Television

Maria Montez' YouTube Video
A little tribute to Maria Montez for the 100th aniversary of her birthday. (Jun/06/1912)

Maria Montez, Su Vida (Her Life) Centennial Edition

Her Biography

Her Videography
Where to Find some of her Films.

Vivian Francisca Perez wrote some stories

Where to Find Memorabilia in NY

Her Picture Gallery
We have more than 100 pictures!!

Posters Exhibit
Event on Last September 2002

Maria Montez World-Wide Fan Club
Fan Club and Magazine made by Richard Fellows 2002

Maria Montez Foundation
Yahoo Group By Radhive Perez, Niece Grand-Daughter of Montez

Maria Montez Fan Club International
Yahoo Group By Luci Fox

Images from Barahona

Her Filmography

Her Poems

Her Gravesite

Maria Montez, A Good-Will Ambassador
Pictures of her Work as a Diplomat

Margarita Vicens de Morales
Her Biographer

Jean-Pierre Aumont
Her Husband (Actor)

Tina Aumont
Her Daughter (Actress)

Maria Montez ( II )
Her Niece (Actress)

Sabu, Jon Hall & Turhan Bey
Her Frequent Co-Stars

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