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aka Malvados con Suerte

(Adventure, Black & White, 1 hr 6 min)

Universal - U.S.A.


Lew Landers


Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, Dorothy Lovett, Maria Montez (As: Bathing Beauty Being Interviewed)


Arlen is the breakneck reporter ever in search of a scoop, and Devine his comic relief sidekick. This time they're in love with Lovett and Shaw respectively, and get caught up with foreign saboteurs. This was meant to be a quick B program filler for the forties audiences in order to give to the public the adventures of the ROVER BOYS, as Arlen and Devine were known, for them it was their sixth movie and for Maria Montez was the first one.

Maria appears as a girl in a beauty contest, wearing a bathing suit, and being interviewed by one of the reporters.

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