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María Montez, Su Vida
Centennial Edition

Becoming a fascinating memory and worthy recognition of the centenary of the birth of María Montez, in this month of June 2013, Margarita Morales Vicens presents the special edition of her book "Maria Montez, Su Vida (her life)", a biography of the Hollywood actress.

This hardcover edition, expanded and updated, has a significant supply of new photos, in addition to the research by Margarita Vicens de Morales for the publication of that work, about the real life of the eminent National actress (with new details).

This investigation led to Vicens to visit the places where Montez lived and stood out as a movie star.

Margarita Vicens had started her investigations on Maria Montez in 1976, which was raising awareness through a series of articles published from that time in the supplement magazine of Listin Diario and culminated with the publication of the book "Maria Montez, Su Vida" in 1992, which has three editions, and four with this latest edition.

It succeeds in capturing the real life of the eminent national actress, whose film career is considered one of the most triumphant, accelerated and short of cinema.

This is due to the tragic death of Maria Montez, at the age of 39, which took place on September 7, 1951 in Paris, and since then it has become one of the sacred myths of the legendary Hollywood.

In Paris, in 1994, it was presented the second edition of the book "Maria Montez, Su Vida" by Margarita Vicens, under the auspices of the Latin Union, an international organization. The widower of Maria Montez, Jean Pierre Aumont and their only daughter, Tina Aumont, showed up to the presentation.

On that occasion, it was demonstrated part of the personal collection of Margarita Vicens Morales of photos, documents and posters of her movies.

With the special edition of the centenary of the birth of María Montez, "Margarita Vicens made real an initiative of the Dirección General de Cine (National Film Board) (DGCINE), an organization that sponsored the publication of the work.

In the new edition, it presents, among other innovations, properly illustrated, tributes given tp Maria Montez from 1942-2012, which naturally include acts performed on the occasion of the commemoration of her centennial during the year 2012.

With this work, Margarita Vicens, on behalf of all her fellow Dominicans pays a fitting tribute to the first Dominican woman who managed to become a movie star in Hollywood, the national actress the very distinguished Maria Montez.

In a time when color film, being an exciting reality, amazed and delighted audiences around the world, a Dominican, Maria Montez, who comes to Hollywood to become a star of international renown.

This hardcover with gold leaf lettering and full color shirt, expanded and updated, has a significant supply of new photos and data, in addition to the research done by Margarita Morales Vicens, about the real life of the very distinguished national actress (with new details).

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