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aka Piratas de Monterrey

(Action/Adventure, 1 hr 18 min, Technicolor)

Universal - U.S.A.


Alfred Werker


Rod Cameron, Phillip Reed, Gilbert Roland, Maria Montez (As: Margarita)


Cameron stars as an American soldier of fortune who signs on to take a wagon train full of brand-new rifles through the Mexican-controlled area of the California territory and deliver it to an Army outpost beyond. Run-ins with outlaws occur with regularity, and eventually Cameron is able to romance Montez.

Set in 1840 California, Margarita (Montez) travels to this state in order to get married with the Spanish soldier Carlos Ortega (Phillip Reed), but the noblewoman is also wanted by the north-American soldier Phillip Kent (Rod Cameron).

Consuelo Gracia, Montez's sister, also appeared in this movie in the role of a young noblewoman. She was credited as Julia Andre.

According to some authors, the Universal made this movie in an obvious intention of calming Montez fans who felt disappointed after seeing her so briefly in THE EXILE.

After this film, Maria takes the decision of abandoning the Universal Picture for becoming and independent actress.

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