aka Aquella Noche en Rio

(Comedy, Technicolor, 1 hr 30 min)

20th. Century Fox - U.S.A.

DIRECTOR: Irving Cummings


Alice Faye (Baroness Cecilia Duarte), Don Ameche (As: Larry Martin & Baron Manuel Duarte), Carmen Miranda, S.Z. Sakall, J. Carrol Naish, Curt Bois, Leonid Kinskey, Frank Puglia, Lillian Porter, Maria Montez (As: Inez)


A splashy, well-produced remake of FOLIES BERGERE (1935), THAT NIGHT IN RIO stars Don Ameche in a dual role as entertainer Larry Martin and Baron Duarte, a wealthy businessman of whom the look-alike performer does an excellent impression.

The setting has been changed from Paris to Rio de Janeiro and there are new songs, but the plot is a virtual duplicate of the original.

With the airline that he owns in deep financial trouble, Duarte slips out of the country to try to make the needed arrangements to save his business. While he's gone, Larry is enlisted to masquerade as the baron so his enemies, most notably Machado (J. Carrol Naish), don't get wind of his absence.

Hilarity follows--particularly in the scene in which Larry has to bluff his way through a conversation in French (a language the baron speaks but the entertainer doesn't)--as Larry carries off the charade, though it doesn't take the baroness (Alice Faye) long to figure out that this guy isn't her husband.(He's entirely too nice and too romantic.)

After his return, the baron realizes that he will have to become a better husband if he is to live up to his wife's new, heightened expectations. Meanwhile, Larry's jealous girl friend, Carmen (Carmen Miranda), forgives the performer for what she considers to have been his grave indiscretion in the whole affair.

The sixth and final pairing for Faye and Ameche, who made a successful series of movies for Fox, THAT NIGHT IN RIO was Miranda's second US movie.

In her role of Inez the chorus girl, Maria has the chance of showing her Latin temper. Inez is the ex friend of Baron Duarte (Ameche), in scene when both are talking Miranda confuses Baron Duarte with her boyfriend Larry Martin creating a funny cats fight scene between Montez and Miranda.

This was the first appearance of Montez in Technicolor showing her beautiful and natural red hair.

On LIFE magazine and other media, Maria had the same kind publicity they gave to Carmen Miranda and Alice Faye.

Scene from That Night in Rio (Aquella Noche en Rio)
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