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THE EXILE (1947)

aka La Caída de un Reino

aka L'Exile

(Action/Adventure, 1 hr 35 min, Sepia Technique)

Universal - U.S.A.


Max Ophuls


Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Paula Corday Nigel Bruce, Maria Montez (As: The Countess)


Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.'s second stint as a movie producer--and his first as a writer--was an ambitious attempt to dramatize the tale of the restoration of Charles II to the throne of England. An avowed Anglophile, Fairbanks had a strong sense of the history of his adoptive land. (He was born in New York City.) Unfortunately, the drama and excitement of the pursuit of Charles Stuart (Fairbanks) after his return from self-imposed exile in Holland by Oliver Cromwell's Puritans is dampened by the producer-author-star's insistence on a walking pace for the story. Much of the film is concerned with Fairbanks' trysting with the luscious Croset--later Paula Corday--in her first starring role, as a Royalist who conceals the fugitive king on her estate. Despite a strong supporting cast and an interesting concept, the film is dull. It is graced to some extent by the fluid, sepia-toned visuals characteristic of director Ophuls in his first completed American directorial effort. (He was fired from his initial directing job by Howard Hughes.)

In this film, her first appearance after her pregnancy, Montez wears clothes to the style of a woman from 17th century Holland in the role of the Countess of Courtervir, the lover of King Charles II of England (Fairbanks Jr.).

Even though in this film Maria appeared during a short time on screen, around 20 minutes, in the credits she was as a co-star next to Fairbanks Jr. Therefore, the publicity before the premiere put Fairbanks Jr. as the only star of this movie.

Maria felt offended, it was incomprehensible for her that Universal Pictures did something like that after signing with her a contract, just a year before, in order to appear in 8 movies as star or co-star.

The case was investigated by her lawyers and they decided to sue the Studio and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in Los Angeles Justice Court. Maria and his lawyers received US$250,000.

The movie could not make much money, it was not pleasant for the public, they could not understand why their favorite star appeared so little on the screen.

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