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aka La Mujer Invisible

(Comedy/Science Fiction, 1 hr 12 min, Black & White)


A. Edward Sutherland


Virginia Bruce (As: Kitty Carroll), John Barrymore (As: Professor Gibbs), Charles Ruggles, Maria Montez (As: Marie)


In the continuation of Universal's "Invisible" series, Barrymore stars as a crazy professor who discovers the secret of invisibility.

Bruce plays the model who becomes the subject of his scientific experiment and soon finds herself transparent. She gets involved with a wacky group of bandits who try to steal the machine for their own illegal use.

Bruce sets out on her own, with attempts at romance with John Howard, the man who financed the invention, and at evening the score with her former employer. The typical "invisible" special effects are employed, though this time with a little more humor. The film earned an Oscar nomination for Best Special Effects.

Maria Montez appears in a scene between a group of models, she only said one line.

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