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Maria Montez
A Dominican Star


We know by experience how difficult it is to find Maria Montez movies in DVD or BluRay, and this is a guide for helping you where to find some.

In order to buy or to watch more information, click on the title or on the image of the movie in which you are interested.

* In English * Maria Montez is the owner and the singer of a tavern at the city of Naples when the city had violent problems with a Mafia organization named CAMORRA. (Our Review). (Some scenes in Youtube.)

A motorcyle rider/ex-carnival worker tries to off his wife and winds up falling in love with a woman who goes for men who live dangerously in this offbeat French melodrama. Also available at Amazon. (Our Review)

* In English * Maria Montez plays the role of the evil queen of Atlantis: Antinea, a femme fatale playing chess with the hearts of men around her. (Our Review)
It is also on sale at Amazon.

THE EXILE (1947)
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Maria Montez and Nigel Bruce. Historical Drama. Maria appeared around 20 minutes on screen, but she was the most famous one in 1947, and for having a good promo, her name is in the credits as if she is the co-star of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. This film is on sale at Amazon.com (Our Review)


In this film Maria Montez is the leading lady, playing the role of Princess Amara, the beloved of Ali Baba. This movie had a lot of success in the box office of 1944. Available at Amazon.com (Our Review)

This film is the first musical of Universal Pictures, for cheering up the troops of War World II, and they had all their movie stars on parade. Montez appeared, during a couple of minutes, as the guest of a conference. Available at Amazon.com

This is the first movie in Technicolor of Universal Pictures, Maria Montez appeared as the exotic Scheherazade, this is the movie that gave her the nickname of the Queen of Technicolor. Available at Amazon.com (Our Review) In BluRay.

Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight and Maria Montez. One of those classic western movies with good guys wearing white hats, bad ones with black hats, a funny sidekick and the prettiest girl in town in danger, Maria Montez, who else?! This is the only movie in which she says some phrases in Spanish. Available at Amazon.com

Maria Montez appeared on screen during one or two minutes and she only says one phrase. It was one of her first appearances in films. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

Gypsy Wildcat
Maria Montez and Jon Hall star in the Technicolor spectacle Gypsy Wildcat about a band of gypsies and a mysterious stranger falsely accused of murder. When Count Orso is found murdered, a wicked Baron blames a local settlement of gypsies and imprisons them in his castle. The only witness to the killing is a mysterious traveler named Carla (Montez), who wears a beautiful necklace and captures the hearts of men who encounter her. Filled with action, romance and drama, this exciting epic features lush locations, beautiful costumes and unforgettable performances. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

Cobra Woman (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
From Robert Siodmak comes this romantic action-adventure starring Maria Montez and Jon Hall. After Ramu (Hall) discovers that his fiancée Tollea (Montez) has been kidnapped by a lost tribe and taken to a Pacific isle, he and his friend Kado (Sabu) set out across the seas to find her. They soon discover that the island paradise is ruled by Tollea’s evil twin Naja, the Cobra Woman, who commands all strangers to be killed on arrival. Not only does Naja have designs on her new prisoner Ramu, but she also desires to eliminate any competition from her benevolent sister. The great Lon Chaney Jr. co-stars as Hava. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

Mystery of Marie Roget
The haunting film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Mystery of Marie Roget stars Maria Montez and Patric Knowles. A successful actress in the City of Light, Marie Roget (Montez), has a sinister dark side: she is plotting the death of her younger sister. When Marie goes missing and the maimed corpse of a young woman is discovered, amateur detective Dr. Paul Dupin (Knowles) works to track down the killer. Filled with suspense and intrigue, this gripping classic was inspired by a real-life unsolved murder. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

Siren of Atlantis [PAL]
First ever DVD release of this British adventure film which stars Maria Montez, Jean-Pierre Aumont and Dennis O'Keefe. Two Foreign Legion soldiers, Jean (Dennis O'Keefe) and Andre (Jean Pierre Aumont), accidentally discover the famed lost continent of Atlantis. Bewitched by the sultry, beauty of the Queen of Atlantis (Maria Montez) the two men vie for her affections; little realizing that her previous lovers have been embalmed into statues that line the passages of her kingdom. Based on the famous novel by Pierre Benoit, Siren of Atlantis is an enthralling tale of mystery, love, murder and revenge that is more than worthy of its cult status. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

That Night in Rio (Fox Marquee Musicals)
Don Ameche and Alice Faye pair up as husband and wife, Baron and Baroness Duarte and head to South America in this musical classic. In order to avoid some financial problems, the Baron switches places with impersonator Larry Martin (also Ameche). When the affections of Martine for the Baroness are too kind and romantic, both the Baroness and the girlfriend of Martin, Carmen (Carmen Miranda) realize their men are up to something. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

Sudan -- Spanish Release
Spanish Release with original audio option. Region 2/B (Europe). Menus and Cover are in Spanish. This is a PAL/Region 2 DVD WHICH WILL NOT PLAY ON STANDARD US DVD PLAYER-you need a multi-region PAL/NTSC compatible DVD player to view it. Maria Montez (Actor), Jon Hall, Turhan Bey, (Actor). Format: DVD. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

Pirates of Monterey [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.4 Import - Australia ]
SYNOPSIS: Captain Phillip Kent, a soldier of fortune, and his friend Sergeant Pio, journey from Mexico City to Monterey on a secret mission. Their assignment consists in delivering state-of-the art new guns that will help the Californians fight against Spanish royalists who, disguised as pirates, keep ransacking their towns, villages and forts. Once in Los Angeles, they meet two women, Margarita (Maria Montez) and Filomena, who have just missed the stagecoach. Kent reluctantly accepts to escort them but soon falls for the prettier while Pio does not remain insensitive to Filomena. However, after a wonderful night in Santa Barbara, the two ladies vanish in the haze. Overcoming their disappointment, the two men hit the road again and finally reach Monterey where they are welcomed by Lieutenant Ortega, Phillip's best friend. Besides a tricky situation due to the constant attacks of the 'pirates', Phillip discovers a new unsettling fact: Margarita is there in order to be officially engaged to Ortega. (Our Review). Available at Amazon.com

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