aka White Captive (1943)

aka La Salvaje Blanca

(Action/Adventure, 1 hr 15 min, Technicolor)


Arthur Lubin


Jon Hall, Sabú, Turhan Bey, Maria Montez (As: Princess Tahia)


Hall is a fisherman (Kaloa) who hunts sharks for the vitamin A in their livers. He seeks permission to fish in the waters surrounding Temple Island--ruled by princess Tahia (Montez)--by asking Oramo (Sabu), the son of the princess's maid, to arrange a meeting. Sabu brings Hall to the island, and the fisherman and Montez immediately fall in love.

When Princess Tahia kissed him, she said:

Kaloa, you do not need vitamin A !

But when Hall asks to fish the local waters, she assumes that he is only out to get the treasure in the island's pool and orders him from the island, though they reconcile when Sabu arranges another meeting.

Meanwhile, trader Gomez, who is after the treasure, involves Montez's brother, Tamara (Turhan Bey), in a rigged card game, trying to make him lose the deed to the island. Hall, however, joins the game and wins the deed, angering Bey, who strikes him.

The next day the inhabitants of Temple Island are celebrating the engagement of Montez and Hall when Gomez arrives with word that Bey has been murdered and that the evidence points to Hall. The shark hunter is locked up until Sabu helps him to escape and prove his innocence.

Gomez arrives to plunder the treasure pool, but an earthquake topples the temple, crushing the villains, and Montez and Hall live on in wedded bliss.

This was the second teaming of Hall and Montez (ARABIAN NIGHTS [1942] was the first). They would be reunited four more times, often with Sabu.

Some dresses Maria wears in some scenes were too impudent for the days of 1943, they had to cut some scenes which affected the comprehension of certain sequencies.

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