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"Who say something of poem with leg on it? That is not very good taste, how shall I say? But it is lovely idea!"

Maria Montez

A Dominican Star

P o e m s

The writers association "The Manuscripters" gave to Maria Montez an award because of her poetry: TWILIGHT, which it was published by the Latin American literary magazine "Baho Rueo", in 1942.

Some of her poems were published by the Sunday Mirror Newspaper on May 3rd, 1943.

And Here They Are:

"I have write some poems to my lover, lovely boy. Which one? There is only one. Who understands, it is for him, then he is the one."

A wild flower I have plucked from the beach

Fades on my hands as all beauty must;

So my love, in your tree-strong arms,

I feel you fading for all your trust.

Trust rather wind and strong-willed tide

That my self-sating desire for you,

Oh love, who comes like a dream to hide

Where dreams dissolve in the morning dew.


Be still, fool heart, church bells of alarm

But ring, they are no singing;

The church is tall and old and calm

And one day he will be bringing

Bright blossoms for our wedding day!


Of our nation. Into its ages

I look as our eyes turn to meet

And the stories of Spain oldest glories

Are told by our lips and our feet.

At night your arms are as mountains

And love cascades like fountains

Of laurel and bittersweet.

Tonight as we dance tango

All Spain dances with us, the fire

Of our lips and our restless embraces

Rises higher than earthly desire. . .


From the book "MARIA MONTEZ: Su Vida", by Margarita Vicens de Morales (Page 148). If you are in Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, you can get this book at:


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