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aka Jinetes del Desierto

(Adventure/Mystery, Black & White, 1 hr)

Universal, U.S.A.


John Rawlins


Richard Arlen, Sig Arno, Turhan Bey, George M. Carleton, Harry Cording, Sheila Darcy, Andy Devine, John Harmon, Ralf Harolde, Linda Hayes, Lewis Howard, Maria Montez (As: Zuleika)


Carleton is a well-intentioned philanthropist whose attempt to bring democracy to an Arabian desert village is met with opposition. A revolution breaks out, but Arlen and Devine manage to quell the warmongers and save Carleton.

This is the first time Maria is in a movie set in the Orient. In the role of Zuleika, Abdullah's beloved (Lewis Howard), Montez appears wearing transparent veils from head to toe, and by the first time with blonde hair which did not look right for her.

The public had fun with Maria when they watched her being mean with her fiancé.

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