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aka White Savage

aka La Reina de la Selva

aka Venus de la Selva

(Action/Adventure, 1 hr 15 min, Black & White)


George Waggner


Broderick Crawford, Brian Donlevy, Maria Montez (As: Melahi)


Donlevy, Crawford, and Devine play three pearl hunters who become shipwrecked on a South Sea island where the beautiful Montez is quick to steal Donlevy's heart.

Story ends up with the three decide to stay on the island when Montez and Donlevy marry.

As Melahi, the white jungle girl with long dark hair, lotus flowers around the neck, her own version of a sarong and a pet leopard, Maria was transformed in a jungle lady.

In this moment of her career, Maria became one of the pin-up girls just like Rita Hayworth or Lana Turner.

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