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María Montez (II)


María Montez Gracia Fiallo


October 1st, 1951
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


A few weeks after the death of María Montez (September 7th, 1951), the daughter of Isidoro Gracia Vidal (María Montez’ older brother) and of Safo Zuleika Fiallo Henríquez (daughter of Aristides Fiallo Cabral and Flor de María Henríquez y Carvajal and grand-daughter of Federico Henríquez y Carvajal), was born and was named María Montez (as 2 first names) in honor to her aunt.

Since she was a little girl, María Montez Gracia Fiallo showed she has talent for acting and she had the chance of being in a TV program of the Dominican Republic.

Soon, and along with the girls Luchy Vicioso (she is today a known artist in Dominican Republic) and Aida Lucía acquire great popularity in the whole country.

During her teen years, she moved with her mother to Madrid, Spain, in order to study dramatic art. Later she appeared in Spanish plays and movies.

Between her movies we can mention: LAS GATAS TIENEN FRÍO (1970), VALDEZ IS COMING (United Artists, 1971), LOS AMORES DE DON JUAN (1972), Italian-Spanish film, in which she acted next to Barbara Vouchet, Princess Ira de Furstemberg and the Swedish actor Robert Hoffman, and QUINCE HORCAS PARA UN ASESINO (1972)

When the young Dominican actress was at the San Sebastian Festival, in 1972, she attracted the attention of the journalists who were interested not only in knowing the reason for choosing the name of the late actress María Montez, also for being known in Spain by her own merits of her work in television, and was selected by the press as one of best dressed (or elegant) actresses.

María Montez Gracia Fiallo did a lot of TV work in Spain and in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She was also very active in theater during a lot of years in Spain, United Kingdom and France. She worked for the BBC of London in the film DON QUIXOTE, with Glenda Jackson. For several years, she was part of the ROY HART THEATRE of London.

She was the pioneer of MUNDO VISION NEWS of COLOR VISION (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic). She stopped her artistic career when she was expecting her first child Desiree.

María M. Gracia F. is the mother of two children: Desiree and Ricardo D’Alenssandro Gracia.
Desiree is now 29 years old and lives with her mother in Santo Domingo. She is a girl with Down Syndrome (very beautiful young lady, indeed).
Ricardo is 27 years old. He is a Civil Engineer and lives in the United States where he is doing recently a master in the last technologies of construction.


Desiree and her mother María Montez Gracia Fiallo


01. Quince Horcas Para un Asesino (1972)

02. Valdez Is Coming (1971) (As: Anita)

03. Los Amores de don Juan (1971)

aka Le Calde notti di Don Giovanni (1971)

04. Las Gatas tienen frío (1969)

05. Un Español en la corte del rey Arturo

06. Abuelo (Made in Spain)

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